J-antenna - (See J-pole antenna) J-pole antenna - A mechanically modified version of the Zepp (Zeppelin) antenna. It consists of a half-wavelength radiator fed by a quarter-wave matching stub. This antenna does not require the ground plane that 1/4-wave antennas do to work properly. Also known as J-antenna.
2.2 The L and T Joints • Pay attention to the dimensions of the 90-degree copper elbow (the L joint). I found that the dimensions may vary from supplier to supplier by as much as 1/8 of an inch!J-poles are a popular antenna, but a ground plane is always a better choice. By design, the J-pole has RF on the feedline, and moving the feedline in relation to the mast changes a lot of things.The J-pole antenna and its variations may be fed with balanced line. A coax feed line may be used if it includes a means to suppress feed-line RF currents. The feed-point of the J-pole is somewhere between the closed low-impedance bottom and open high-impedance top of the J stub.
The impedance of this antenna is around 300 Ω, so you may want to use a transformer or a λ/4 long piece of 120 Ω coaxial cable to match this impedance to 50 Ω.
Apr 21, 2017 · J-pole antenna - Wikipedia Primarily a dipole, the J-pole antenna exhibits a mostly circular pattern in the H plane with an average free-space gain near 2.2 dBi (0.1 dBd). Measurements and simulation confirm the quarter-wave stub modifies the circular H-plane pattern shape increasing the gain slightly on the side of the J ... Read Article
dimensions of the connecting stub length and width, po- sition of the circular stub connecting area, and number of stubs. Extensive 3D electromagnetic wave simulations were carried out using a 3D EM solver [18] in order to obtain the optimized parameters for the miniaturized bandpass filter with circular stubs. The optimized para-

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Create a Slim Jim antenna. The super j-pole J-pole < Slim-Jim < Colinear Calculate the dimensions for a Slim Jim or J Pole antenna for HF, VHF or UHF - Including velocity factor! Slim Jim and J-Pole calculator | M0UKD Amateur Radio Station Information Page See more
In both my models, I feed the quarter wave stub with a Folded Balun (aka Pawsey Stub) with orientation perpendicular to the antenna such that any small radiation from the feed won't add to the polarization shown in the graph below.. Let's have a look at an elevation cut of the traditional J-pole and the 2BCX Slim Jim antennas - note the open J stub faces left for both antennas.
• Carl's Joystick 2 m / 70 cm half-wave open-stub J-pole 1000 W / 2.6 dBi [the Pockrus antenna] Currently installed on my roof Have installed these on many houses How to install the Pockrus J-pole (shopping list, tools, instructions by Noji)
J-Pole Tutorial from Gary E. O'Neil, (N3GO) J Pole Antenna at Radio_electronics.com Copper J-Pole Antennas by dxzone.com J-Pole dimension calculator for different frequencies at mJw.com J-Pole Dimensions at N6mrx Dual band - Open stub by Chuck W4CLL J-Pole with 5/8 wave section above 1/2 wave Roll-uP J-Pole Antenna at the Conejo Valley Amateur ...
J Pole calculator - Just enter the frequency and get the measurements you need. Building A J-Pole Antenna "I have used these and by far, the best ones are made from twin lead TV wire that can be suspended high up on any support. The Amateur Radio Operator Antenna Basics Handbook Hall Electronics, Inc. DESIGN YOUR OWN J POLE, Calculator by K4ABT ...
V-U Antenna J-pole bibanda - Benvenuti su OfficinaHF! I've constructed a 144/440 Dual band Open Stub J-Pole Antenna. I saw the plans for this on the internet (link to plans) by Allen Lowe (N0IMW). Since I had a Metal Fabrication background, I th… See more
Open-Circuited Stub Filter The open-circuited stub microstrip realization method is a modification of the stepped-impedance microstrip realization method. It approximates the series inductance as a high impedance transmission line while the shunt capacitance effect is simulated by an open-circuited stub using Richard's transformation.
of a J-Pole, with the 5/8 wave section dangling downward. I just Googled for pictures of Zeppelins but never found one showing a trailing Zepp antenna. I don't have a clue how the Slim Jim design arrived, but my guess(tm) is that it coincided when people started making J-Poles out of twinlead, and found that the extra wire would be tolerated. Using
First this antenna is in the j-pole family but is not a true j-pole. Second J-poles will resonate on 440 without traps but realistically for lack of a better term they suck. If anyone tries to sell you an un-modified j-pole and says it is a dual band antenna they are wrong they dont work, I have seen swr of 3:1 on unmodified j-poles on the 70cm ...