Charging Plastic Wrap (continued) The Electrostatic Series 1. Display the transparency Electrostatic Series. Explain that this list compares the strengths of the charges produced by rubbing objects together. 2. Point out the + and – signs on the worksheet. Explain that objects higher on the list give up electrons and
Welcome to Science 9! Below is an outline of what we will cover this school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at [email protected] or call the school at... Complete the Static Electricity Worksheet With a partner, complete the Static Electricity Lab and the accompanying questions. II. Voltage. Use the BC Science 9 text, the internet and the video on the side to complete the notes on II. Voltage. Make your Foldables Study Summary package as per BC Science 9 p. 269. Use the topics suggested in your ...Static Electricity-Analysis On a dry day, many hapless individuals feel the shock of static electricity after traversing a carpet and touching a door-knob. The circumstances that precede such an event are exactly what Ben Franklin first used to observe and differentiate electric charge.
Static Electricity Lab. Lightning - an animation on possibly why it occurs ... Intro to Electricity and Ohm's Law worksheet (3) Problems on Drawing Circuits, Ohm's Law and Resistivity HW . Series Circuits Worksheet . Series Circuit HW Problem #1 . Series ...
Lightning is a spectacular example of naturally-generated static electricity. Explain how the vast static electric charges that cause lightning are formed by natural processes, and how those processes relate to the function of a device called a Van de Graaff generator.
Lab 1 – Electrostatics: Charging Objects by Friction Name _____ Date _____ University*of*Virginia*Physics*Department* 1* Lab 1 Electrostatics: Charging Objects by Friction Overview Static electricity is the result of an imbalance of charge in materials. Since all

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1. Notes on 'How Lenses form Images' 2. Went over 'Ray Model of Light' worksheets from last class 3. 'Light Rays and Lenses' Worksheet. Due for marks at the start of next class.
TINKLE. This activity is taken from Janice VanCleave Physics for Every Kid, John Wiley and Sons, 1991. Problem: How can we demonstrate the effect of static electricity?
Quiz & Worksheet Lab On Series & Parallel Circuits | Study ... electric circuits worksheet answers the physics classroom electric circuits worksheet answers the physics classroom ... Electricity Worksheet ~ wiring diagram components 4th Grade Science Test On Electricity Math Worksheet Worksheets Lessons Tes. tube diode. reactive ...
It's a type of energy that makes the lights in your house turn on and keeps your refrigerator running. Electrical energy (the energy that comes from electricity) does important jobs that help us cook dinner, wash clothes, or drive to the store. The car, TV, computer, air conditioner, and kitchen stove all use electricity.
Static and Current Electricity Both current and static electricity are the transfer of energy through moving electric charges. Static electricity is what causes lightening and the small shocks felt from a door knob or a person.
Electricity and Magnetism Notes. This lecture note covers the following topics: Coulomb's law, superposition, energy of a system of charges, Basic field concept, flux, Gauss's law, Fields and potentials around conductors, the electrostatic uniqueness theorem,RC circuits, Thevenin equivalence, Forces and fields in special relativity.
Now you should understand the concepts of voltage, current, resistance, and how the three are related. Congratulations! The majority of equations and laws for analyzing circuits can be derived directly from Ohm's Law. By knowing this simple law, you understand the concept that is the basis for the analysis of any electrical circuit!
(Static electricity. No details about electrons, etc. should be gone into here - this is for second level. It should be mentioned that they will learn about 'current electricity', i.e. the current that runs through wires, and runs lights, washing-machines, TV, etc. in higher classes). What sort of materials do you think produce static?
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